How to find more clients is probably the question I see social media managers ask most often. Well, that and, “Do my packages and pricing look alright?”

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Alright, now back to the thing to STOP doing right now. I mean it.

If you’re a social media manager, and you want to find more clients, you’ve got to stop doing this one thing on your social media accounts immediately.

That one thing is…

Stop Teaching Social Media Tips

Stop filling up your feed with basic social media tips telling potential clients how to increase their engagement or create better content or make more sales from social media. You’re not really helping them any more than their last 50 Google searches, and you’re less likely to get a new client with that type of content.

It would be like me just posting tips for social media managers on my Instagram.

Sure, it’s helpful information, but it’s also generic and boring. It doesn’t speak to why I’m an expert or my real world knowledge.

What would be more helpful to my audience and more impactful for me as a coach for social media managers would be me sharing things like…

  • A day in the life of a social media manager, what my day really looks like when I’m working with SMM clients.
  • How I use marketing reports to keep clients happy and renewing month after month and what my clients have said about the reports they get
  • A few tricks I use during sales and discovery calls to prevent potential clients from ghosting me and increase the chances they’ll sign with me

Not only is the information in these examples just better overall, but it is specific to my experience and the unique way I run my business. It adds a story to the information so that it’s more than just a tip.

It’s really more of a reflection of who I am and why someone should hire me.

Now, I’m not saying to start gatekeeping all the information and become a dragon hoarding social media tips like piles of treasure.

Not only does Google exist, putting all of your inside information at their fingertip if they really wanted to figure it out, but the goal here is not to keep the information from them.

We’re not trying to avoid sharing tips and tricks with our audience of potential clients.

Instead, you’re going to share your insider information as an expert, not a teacher.

Let’s break this down into tangible examples.

Sharing a Social Media Tip as a Teacher

Getting your content seen by all the right people starts with your messaging! Think of your message as the net that catches the relevant fish you want to stick around and lets everyone else escape through all the other tiny holes.

Start with identifying who your ideal client is, their problem, and what they want to achieve or accomplish. Create content that speaks to who they are and how you can help them avoid or solve the problem and achieve their goal.

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Sharing a Social Media Tip as an Expert for Hire

This month I’m celebrating a HUGE win for my newest client! In just our first month together, her account has grown by over 115% and engagement is way way up on her Instagram.

What did we do that made such a big impact?

We dialed in her messaging so that it speaks to her ideal clients in a way it never has before—really honing in on who they are, what they’re struggling with, and the big life changing transformation they’re looking for—and the response has been immediate!

Sometimes success isn’t about chasing the latest social media trend or creating a brand new strategy. Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics and strengthen your foundation.

If you’re ready to finally get your social media working for you, let’s talk about how I can help you.

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While the second caption absolutely has a stronger call to action in general, it also does a couple of things very differently from the first caption.

#1. In the second caption, you’re talking about real results you’ve achieved with a client, and that’s huge social proof! Potential clients can see that and instantly feel the desire to work with you and achieve similar results.

#2. You’re also sharing the same type of information as you did in the first caption (why your messaging is important and the essential components of good messaging) but in a way that marks you as an expert who is not just reciting some tidbit off Google but who is actually living and breathing their craft.

When potential clients see that magic happening, they’re already half sold before they even get to the discovery call!